Camino Mariae Melitensis 1432AD

The Route

60 km camino

From Castum Maris (present-day Fort St. Angelo, Birgu) through Citta’ Notabile (Mdina) to te Mater Dei Sanctuary in Mellieha


The Camino Mariae Melitensis will be inaugurated as a group walk in February 2024. Interested in joining the 2-day walk? Please follow this link to register.

Partners on the Road


Mariae Melitensis 1432AD

XirCammini is a Maltese NGO dedicated to heritage & faith hiking and Malta’s official association representing the International Federation of the Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago. XirCammini is pleased to announce that with the support of the Malta Tourism Authority Malta now has a Camino in the footsteps of King Alfonso V, the Magnanimous, of Aragon. King Alfonso V, landing in Castrum Maris in 1432AD after his Maghrebian campaign, visited Mdina and the Sanctuary of Our Lady, Mater Dei (now dedicated to the Nativity of Mary). The 60km Camino Mariae Melitensis 1432AD which will shortly be available for both local and international pilgrims to walk.

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Madonna by Luke Evangelist


The Route

The circa 60 km Camino Mariae Melitenssis 1432AD traverses Malta from Castrum Maris (present-day Birgu) to Mellieha.

Through this hiking project, XirCammini are endeavouring to re-trace the route from Castrum Maris in the Grand Harbour to Mdina and onward to Mellieha. This is intended to be a two-day trek of over 60km, with an over-night stay in Rabat or Mdina for the overseas visitor walking this route. 17th and 18th February 2024 will mark the inaugural group walk of the Camino Mariae Melitensis 1432AD.

As a route, on the first day, after leaving Castrum Maris (Fort Sant Angelo), the route
progresses through Zabbar, Zejtun, Ghaxaq, Bir Miftuh, Zurrieq, Qrendi, Siggiewi, Zebbug and Rabat / Mdina. Along the route, we will also identify other early Marian devotions such as tal-Grazzja, Santa Marija, tal-Hniena, tal-Providenza, tal-Angli, Lunzjata, and La Vergine della Rocca.
On the second day, starting from Mdina, the walk progresses through Rabat stopping at other early Marian devotions on the way Madonna ta’ l-Ghar. Lunzjata (limits of Rabat), Madonna ta’ Itria (Hodegetria, Bingemma), ending at the Sanctuary of our Lady in Mellieha.
The project, once completed will provide a guidebook, a website and a freely downloadable app.


A Historic Route

We firmly believe, that the Camino Mariae Melitensis 1432AD, which has been accepted and endorsed by the competent authorities, will provide a unique experience for pilgrims to revisit a route which pre-dates the 15th century pilgrimage by King Alfonso V. Moreover the Camino Mariae Melitensis 1432AD complements the work of the Malta Tourism Authority in promoting Malta’s multi-millennial Christian faith and supporting related entities and activities, thus expanding the Archipelago’s potential as an international hub for faith tourism.

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