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  • The Inaugural Walk of Mariae Melitensis 1432AD

    The 2-day walk from Castrum Maris (Fort St. Angelo, Birgu) through Mdina and Rabat to Mellieha was well received by the pilgrims that walked it. These are some photos of…

    The Inaugural Walk of Mariae Melitensis 1432AD


  • Mario Buttigieg

    A unique opportunity to experience King Alfonso V’s pilgrimage that goes back to 1432. An exceptional hike that started at Castrum Maris in Birgu passed through Zejtun, Zurrieq and Siggiewi,…

    Mario Buttigieg


  • Georgina Buttigieg

    It was a great experience meeting new and old friends. Good training for future camino. Impeccable organisation, would suggest it to anyone.

    Georgina Buttigieg


  • Edward Grima Baldacchino

    A really enjoyable and well organised weekend retracing the steps of those pioneering pilgrims before us over 2 days from St Angelo to the Sanctuary of Our Lady in Mellieha…

    Edward Grima Baldacchino


  • Karol Gabarretta

    Lovely variation using well loved trails to provide a new experience. The overnight stay added an interesting angle. Ideally this would have been at Mdina or Il-Lunzjata but The Seminary…

    Karol Gabarretta


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